Does kiteboarding in Ontario need an association?

Hopefully we don’t need an association. But if we have a major access issue, then we all need to work together to find a solution. To be taken seriously by authorities, kiteboarders will benefit from the representation of an association that can speak on behalf of its membership and communicate solutions to kiteboarders across the province.

Is the OKA going to set rules for kiteboarding in Ontario?

No, the association does not have the authority to set rules or, for that matter, to force anyone to do anything. Kiteboarding on public beaches is a privilege.  We all have a common interest in kiteboarding responsibly and not losing these privileges. The OKA encourages local kiteboarders to establish guidelines for responsible riding at their spot. The OKA’s role is to help spread the word to riders across the province.

What’s a beach rep and why do we need them?

The OKA needs local riders to spread awareness of the association, help sign up riders, and to network with other riders to promote responsible riding at their beach. The OKA needs reps to contribute information for the website and enewsletter. Contact us if you want to help!

How will the OKA help me protect kiteboarding at my beach?

Ultimately, if there’s a major problem, then local kiteboarders will have to solve it. Someone or some people from the beach will have to speak to the authorities. The OKA can help by connecting you with riders in your area that can work with you. The OKA can also connect you with kiteboarders that have already dealt with similar issues at their beach, and you can learn from them. Most importantly the OKA can communicate the resolution to the entire membership base. This will have serious resonance with the authorities since you’re effectively no longer a single kiteboarder, but a representative of all the kiteboarders in Ontario. That’s how this thing works (so join!).

As an OKA member, what do I do when I see some kiteboarder doing something crazy at the beach?

Whether you’re a member or not, do the responsible thing and go talk to them. Feeling shy or unsure of yourself? Then grab a buddy and go talk to them together. And, of course, tell them to join the association.

How about a bbq? Swap meet? Racing? What else will the OKA do for me?

Never say never, but for now the OKA’s aspirations are modest. Build the membership base, open the channels of communication, and get people working together. If members come forward and want to volunteer time for other projects, then anything’s possible.

How do I get involved?

Become a member.
Tell your friends to join.
Volunteer to help out.

But most importantly take personal responsibility for kiteboarding at your local beach. See something you know is wrong? Do something about it. Help out the new kiteboarders. Talk to your fellow kiteboarders and work together at your beach.